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How To Take Care Of Your Shoes || DIY Shoe Care Tips

Shoes have the hardest job of any apparel because they travel between your weight and the ground. They will stay by your side during tough time as the roads get harder. Beautiful shoes don’t ask much, all they need is a little attention from your day’s busy schedule and they are happy that way. Your shoes reflect your personality and when you care for your shoes, you are also taking care of yourself. Don’t let your shoes think that you no more care for them. Just follow our expert tips and keep your shoes entertained after all, they are your Solemates. 

  • Shoes Hate Moisture :- Keep your shoes away from moisture because moisture can result in the growth of bacteria. Use silica pouches to keep them moisture free. If you don’t have silica pouches, you can stuff your shoes with newspapers and change them after a week.
  • Don’t Use Plastic Shoeboxes :- Much like our skin, shoes require decent airflow to enable it to breathe. Therefore, Plastic or even cardboard shoe boxes are never good for them. Use bags that are made of breathable fabric to store shoes and let easy and efficient air circulation. 
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  • Over wearing :- Constantly wearing a same pair of shoes can irreversibly damage structure of your shoes. In that case, no amount of cleaning can save it. So Buy more than one pair and try not to wear the same pair on consecutive days. 
  • Try Not To Let People Borrow Your Shoes :- People tend not to be careful with other’s shoes, so try not to lend them out, no matter how cute they are.
  • Dry Feet Only :- Make sure to dry your feet before wearing shoes. Moist feet can damage the structure of your shoes.
  • Avoid Stepping in Dirt :- Excessive dust can lead to the loss of the natural shoe colour and make them look old. Keep your shoes away from wet grass and mud, as that might make your shoes dirtier and reduce their lives.
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  • Store Your Shoes Smartly :- Don’t store your shoes on top of each other, as that might leave dirt or mark on other shoes. And not rest things on top of your shoes. This avoids crushing them. 
  • Use Polish And Shiner :- Your shoes need Polish and Shiner to stay young. So regularly polishing your shoes and applying a shines will help in giving your shoes a longer life and help in maintaining their texture and shine.
  • Wearing Correctly:- Always put them on and take them off with care; this means : loosen the laces as much as you can to slide your foot in and out without squashing down the heel counter of the shoes.
  • Use Soap and Tea Bags :- Put a bar of shoe or a tea bag inside the shoes to absorb unpleasant odors.
  • Removing Stain :- Use nail polish remover to clean the shoes. Use Oat flour to get rid of grease Stains.

A true gentleman never leaves shoes and always takes extra care of them. Shoes change if they don’t get care they deserve, therefore more you care, the longer they will serve you without losing their shine and shape. Just follow the above expert tips to make sure that your soles aren’t suffering during such times.

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