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How To Safely Store Your Summer Clothes For Winter

As Summer draws its final breath, it’s time to start thinking about bringing out your winter clothes and putting your summer clothes away in storage. Storing seasonal clothing may seem like a simple task – just throw them in a bin, right? If yes then you guys are wrong because this can ultimately harm your clothes. Correct cleaning and storage of clothes, will save your money and time in future. Here’s what the experts had to say about storing your seasonal clothes, especially in a small space.

How To Keep Your Clothes In Tip Top Condition Until Next Year

Begin by sorting

how to store summer clothes during winter

Begin by taking all of your summer clothes out of your wardrobe and go through them piece by piece. Sort your summer clothes into categories as KEEP, DONATE and TOSS OUT. Be ruthless about what you did and didn’t wear. Here are question to ask yourself : Are you likely to wear it next year?. Try to be strict with your choices, especially when your storage space is limited. Anything that you no longer need can be sent to a charity or toss out.

Wash your Clothes

washing clothes before storing them

Once you know what you want to keep until next year, you’ll make sure your clothes are clean before you put them away for months. This will get rid of dirt, dust and grime and helps to prevent stains and discoloration and keeping your clothes smelling fresh throughout the winter. So that they’ll be ready to wear when you need them. Empty the pockets of all the clothes, you’ll be putting away. Before storing, make sure all items are completely dry.

Storing them

what to hang and how properly do it

After washing, separate your clothes into what needs to be hung in the wardrobe and what can be folded away in storage boxes. Are you clueless about what to hang? and what can be folded? and how to properly do it?

“Ideally, you should fold anything that would stretch while being hung and hang anything that would be wrinkled by being folded.”

which hanger you should use to hang your clothes

Most summer clothing such as shorts, tops, shirts – can be folded up and stored through the winter. You’ll need the right supplies, such as hangers, storage bags or containers. If you have some space in your wardrobe to hang summer clothes, use sturdy hangers (recommend wooden hangers) that won’t rust or discolor fabrics avoid thin wire hangers to prevent clothes from creasing. Hang cotton garments to reduce wrinkles. Generally things like expensive dresses, suits – need special garment bags for them. Fabric hanging bags are a better option than plastic one because air can circulate to prevent moisture build up and damage.


should I use plastic storage box or fabric storage box

Just fold things the usual way. Lay clothing as flat as possible to avoid wrinkle damage. Make sure the location where you are putting your clothes is clean too. Remember to button up the buttons and zip up the zippers so your clothes keep their shape. It’s best to include a moth repellent in each container of clothing. It will leave your clothes smelling fresh. Don’t get completely airtight container, since some air circulation can help clothes avoid mold. You can label the boxes to make it easier to find everything next year.

The best location to store summer clothing is somewhere dark, cool and dry – such as in a spare closet or under your bed.

The Huge Mistake Everyone Makes When Storing Summer Clothes

should I use vacuum storage bags or not
  • Storing clothes in vacuum bags might save space, but they can leave lots of wrinkles on your clothes.
  • The cardboard boxes you grab from the grocery store are not safe for storing clothes. These boxes are made from wood that can leach acids and cause yellowing and stains on clothes and the glue used to hold these boxes together can attract insects.
  • Say no to plastic or cardboard storage boxes because plastic seriously traps moisture and your clothing needs to breathe. The best storage container for your seasonal clothing is made of either Linen or Cotton.

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