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Egyptian Cotton Vs Silk Which Is Best Fabric For Summer


Both Cotton and Silk are the most widely produced textile fabric today. Commonly used for a wide range of clothes, bedsheets, bags and accessories. Now question arises in our mind, Which one of them is the best fabric Cotton or Silk? They both have pros and cons, from the price tag to durability and health benefits. Read more to find out the differences between Silk and Cotton fabric, so that you can choose the right fabric for you for the perfect night’s sleep.

What is Silk fabric?

Silk has remained the “queen of fabrics” over the years for its elegant textile qualities, wear comfort and aesthetic look. Silk fibre is defined as a smooth, lustrous and elastic filament of small diameter. Silk is prized for its lustre and sheen. Silk is the most elegant fabric for apparel manufacture. Silk fabrics available are:

  • From reeled Silk– Georgette, Crepe, Crepe de chine, Organza.
  • From spun Silk– Velvet, Silk broad cloth (for shirtings).
  • Silk blends– Silk linen, Silk with Wool or Cotton.
  • Wild Silk– Raw Silk, Tussore Silk, Shantung, Pongee.

What is Cotton fabric?

The Cotton is cool, soft,comfortable and strong, that is why it is the Chief clothing fibre of the world. It is used for dress materials, upholstery, bed linen, table linen, towels, dusters, etc. The Cotton fabrics available in the market are:

  • Low count fabrics– Poplin, Chintz, Latha, Muslin, Cheese cloth.
  • Medium count fabrics– Calico, Dimity, Denim, Khaki, Jeans, Terry cloth, Flannel’s sheeting, Chambray, Oxford.
  • Fine fabrics– Cambric, Voile, Chiffon, Swiss Cotton.

Egyptian Cotton Vs Silk: What are the differences between Cotton and Silk?

  •  Which is stronger Silk or Cotton?

Silk is more stronger than Cotton because it has great tensile strength and elasticity Cotton fibre is quite strong due to its criss-crossed internal structure but its strength is largely affected by moisture, as it is 25% stronger when wet than dry and absorbs moisture.

  • Which is more expensive, Silk or Cotton?

Silk is more expensive than cotton because Silk is obtained by Silkworms. The process of obtaining Silk is an expensive process as the Silkworms are rare to find. Therefore, it is expensive than cotton. But Silk is viewed as a worthwhile investment due to its beauty and health benefits.

Regular Cotton will be cheaper than Silk but Cotton may not be as durable or last as long as Silk can ( except Egyptian Cotton which can last up to 5 years under normal use ). If you like being part of the common man, go with Cotton. 

  • Which fabrics shrink the most in the wash? Cotton or Silk.

Silk does not shrink like other fibres as the fibres are straight. Smooth surfaced silk fabrics have only little shrinkage which can be easily restored by ironing. On the other hand, Cotton fabrics that are stretched during weaving or finishing, shrink after washing because during the construction of cotton clothing, tension is applied to its fabrics and then the tension is released by heat from the washer or dryer, that’s why Cotton fabric shrinks the most is the wash.

Now question arises in our mind does 100% Cotton shrink every time you wash it? Usually, Cotton only shrinks dramatically the first time you wash it. But Cotton can shrink every time you wash it if you expose it to hot water or high dryer heat settings.

  • Which fabric wrinkles the most?

Silk fabric retain their shape, do not wrinkle easily and the wrinkles easily straighten up during hanging or by ironing. Cotton fabrics wrinkle easily due to low resilience of the fire. However, some finishing processes give them a wrinkle resistant quality.

  • Which burns faster Silk or Cotton?

Silk is somewhat sensitive to heat, Silk may be the worst with a high burning rate, which may be increases by the dyes and other additives to provide color. Silk burns, but does not melt. It shrinks from flame therefore, it should be ironed with moderately hot iron while still damp Cotton also have a high burning rate but exposure to heat does not produce any visible change until a temperature of 120 degree is reached.

  • Are Silk clothes worth it?

Good for all seasons and all climates. Silk is one of the most breathable and absorbent fabrics and it’s natural temperature regulating properties make it a good fabric for all climates and all seasons. Silk is viewed as a worthwhile investment due to its beauty and health benefits. It keeps you warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool in summer, so if you like luxury then go for Silk.


Overall, it’s clear why Cotton and Silk fabrics are the most common choices of the market, from examining factors such as temperature, cost and durability we can see that Cotton fabrics can sometimes be more durable and cheap than Silk. When it comes to bed time temperature Silk however, has additional health benefits which ensures you truly get your “Beauty Sleep” and is Hypollergenic, at a slightly higher price tag. So if you like luxury then go for Silk but if you like being part of the common man, go for Cotton.

THANK YOU for your time reading the article. Let me know if was there enough information to choose the right fabric to you or your project. Feel free to leave your insights or questions below in the comment section.

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