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7 Best Fabrics That Keep You Warm This Winter – Fashreet

Ahh! Winter, It is the season for warm clothes, hot tea and a cool mind. It is also a time when the fabrics that make up your wardrobe become more important that ever. We have a little insight on what will make your winter fashionable, not just more glamorous, but also, comfortable and ethnic. If you are clueless which fabric is warmest in winter? here’s a list of the warmest clothing materials such as Wool, Silk, Nylon, Cashmere, Velvet, Faux fur and Leather.

Ladies and Gentleman, say HELLO to the winters with our favourite fabrics that will make you turn heads throughout the season! . Here is what I have learned ( with what little experience I have and tips from books I have read ).

Best Fabrics To Wear In The Winter


why do we choose wool instead of silk in making sweaters

One gorgeous, and incredibly warm fabric for winter to cosider when things start to cool down is Wool. Many consider it as the warmest fabric for winter. Wool is gotten from sheep and other animals such as goats and rabbits. Now question arises in our mind, How Wool keeps us warm. Wool is a special fabric because it has natural insulating and moisture wicking properties due to the air pockets that are present throughout that keep you warm in winter weather. Wool is also water resistant which makes it an ideal material to keep you warm. Wool is lightweight, yet strong which makes it fairly durable and long lasting.

If you’re worried about Wool fabric making you itch, try the Merino variety instead. It’s much softer and much comfortable than regular Wool.

Faux Fur

best fabric to wear in winters

Faux Fur is literally exactly what it sounds like – it’s fake Fur. Faux Fur is a fabric made from various materials including acrylic and modacrylic polymers to imitate the appearance and warmth of real Fur. It can be created in virtually any color and in a wide range of textures. Faux Fur is a highly versatile fabric that strikes the right ratio between durability and softness. While Faux Fur coats are always in style. It is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain than real Fur.


why is silk better than wool

Although you might not think about Silk when it comes to cozy fabrics. Before you freak out and say Silk is too cold to the touch to wear in the winter, hear us out! Silk is obtained by Silkworms. It keeps you warm and cozy in winter. Silk is prized for its lustre and sheen. It’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, and a natural insulator that means it’s breathable and you won’t overheat.

Is Silk warmer than Wool?  Wool is more warmer than Silk because Silk breathes which means it doesn’t keep heat in like Wool will.


is nylon keep to warm

Nylon is another excellent choice for winter wears. Nylon is a flexible and durable fabric that is abrasion and water resistant. It is easy to clean and maintain. While this material won’t keep you super warm, It is a reliable waterproof material that’ll help you remain dry in the snow.


cold wearing clothes

Velvet is crowd pleaser for its durability, softness, and great drape. It keeps you warm enough to face the freezing winds. While cold weather fabrics are more about keeping warm than staying in style, Velvet can give both. You can layer Velvet with almost anything you have in mind. It captures the look and feel of the seasons. Also, since dark colors are preferred in winters (winters = dark clothes), Velvet can be your best option. 


best fabric to wear in winters

Do you want something more classy and fashionable? long associated with luxury, then go for Cashmere. Cashmere can be three or eight times warmer than Wool. It’s got a smooth and silky feel of all winter fabrics. A Cashmere clothes is definitely worth the price. Cashmere clothes is a good investment for winters.


is leather fabric good for winters

Last, but not the least, is Leather. Leather is a gorgeous fabric that is perfect for not only winter months but all year round. While cold weather fabrics are more about keeping warm than staying in style, Leather can give both. Leather is very durable and easy to clean, but you need to maintain leather in a special way. For a more animal friendly option, you can also opt for Faux leather, which doesn’t use any animal products.

Expert Tip

Winter clothes such as coats can be expensive. Pick a classic option with colors that never goes out of style such as Cream, Camel, and Black. Give them the best care so that it will last a long time.

THANK YOU for your time reading the article. Let me know if was there enough information to choose the right fabric for winter season. Feel free to leave your insights or questions below in the comment section.

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