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12 Ways To Make Your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive – Fashreet

Let’s face it, since we all want to look like celebrities but we don’t all have celebrity money, may be it’s time to know some good fashion tricks, that you’ve been missing out on. I’m sure we would all prefer to buy clothing that will last longer, look more special and doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes, you can still look stylish and you don’t have to save for months to buy the real Prada dress or Chanel suit. Even celebrities often choose ordinary  brands.

If you’re not sure why you should trust my judgement on the matter of ‘making cheap clothes look expensive’. Let me tell you guys I’m not embarrassed that I’m slightly basic when it comes to my wardrobe. Everything I was wearing cost less than $20. If you too, have a budget to stick to but want to look like you don’t, read on. It’s weirdly easy once you know how.

Keep your wallet happy and learn how to make a cheap clothes look expensive

Get everything tailored

How to look expensive on budget

Have you ever wondered why celebrities always look perfect in their clothes? No, it’s not because they are superhumans with perfect bodies. The reason they look perfect (even in pajamas), is that they have everything custom tailored to fit them perfectly. Wearing outfits that are too big or too small reflects poor taste or lack of resources, which is opposite of what we are going for. If you want to look rich, you need to make sure your clothes fit like they were made for your body. Because fitted clothes are classic pieces are a sign of taste, class and wealth.

Don’t have the extra cash for a tailor? then, try DIY. Tailoring is actually a pretty easy skill to pick up, and there are lots of free Youtube tutorials. If you don’t have the budget to hire someone, try learning a new skill and going the DIY route. While you’re shopping, keep in mind that the simpler the garment, the easier it is to tailor.

Replace the buttons

how to make your outfit look expensive - fashreet

Buttons are the first place that companies start cutting costs to increase their margins. But, when you buy from really luxury brands they have super nice buttons. So ditch those basic plastic buttons in favour of something a little richer looking, like metal, or mother of pearl. This tip separates the industry insiders from the average fashion magazine readers. You can even harvest them from old clothes you don’t wear anymore or buy online. Make sure you order a few extra buttons just in case any fall off in the future, It’s always have a replacement. This one small replacement will cost you only a couple of dollars but will turn your shirt from generic fast fashion to luxury immediately.

Avoid logos

avoid these fashion mistakes if you want to look expensive

Don’t make yourself a WALKING BILLBOARD for brand names instead of a style icon. Most people thinks by wearing the Gucci belt and Chanel sunglasses they have communicated to the world that they are rich, but that doesn’t mean they look Sophisticated or expensive. Most luxury brands never place large logos on their clothes because the famous brands in the world have unique styles that separate them from others. A well tailored crisp plain shirt looks much more expensive than loud emblazoned logo shirt. also as said, simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication. So avoid big logos and remove all tags from your clothes because big logos and tags make outfits look cheap.

Wear neutral colors

how to look expensive every day fashreet

The colors are the first thing anyone notices in your look. Including rich and saturated colors in the look definitely uplifts the ‘not so expensive’ outfit. Always look for neutral palette like black, navy, denim, grey, white (my favourite). I find that these are easy to pair together and always look a bit more elevated. All these colors are neutral and will never go out of style and monochromatic fashion makes your outfit easily successful. When in doubt, wear all black or all white because one surefire way to look cheap is to pile on a ton of different colors and conflicting patterns. If you like to take more risks, you can go with a tonal outfit like all red as well.

Steaming and Ironing

simple tips to make affordable pieces look expensive

Wrinkles can make anything look cheap, steaming and ironing can blast wrinkles and effortlessly make your outfit look crisp and fresh. If you think ironing is a hassle, invest in a good steamer. A good steamer can blast wrinkles out in a couple of minutes and is a perfect option for synthetic fabric. Hang your outfit on the hanger soon after steaming and ironing.

Washing clothes

best way to wash your clothes

The enemy of cheap clothing is an untidy owner the dirtier your clothes become, the more their cheapness will come to the forefront. Stop washing your stuff so much! you want to keep everything clean, but washing it is not the answer, the more you wash certain items, the more they’ll age. Washing clothes wears down the fabrics and fades the colors, making them look cheap and old. If you get a stain on your dress, spot clean it with a sponge or toothbrush and if nothing can be done, either donate it or make them your night dress (of course, if it is comfortable enough). If something starts to smell, stick it in the freezer for the night, Yes, the freezer thing really does work, try it, already.

Have you ever noticed the wash care label inside your dress? it is very important to follow them as it will simply make your outfits easy to stay expensive looking, crisp and will make them last longer.

Storing your clothes correctly

storing your clothes to save your money and time

Your look will look expensive depending on the care you give to your clothes. Correct cleaning and storage of clothes, will save your money and time in future. Are you clueless about how to properly do it? and what to hang? and what can be folded? Then click here to know what the experts had to say about storing your clothes.

Comfort is the key

stylish ways to make your wardrobe look extra expensive

I always tell people that comfort is the most important thing when shopping for clothes. If you have a shirt that is little too low cut for you, and you are constantly conscious of just how much of your cleavage is showing. Forget about the trends, forget about how great you look. If you don’t feel comfortable you won’t want to wear it. It doesn’t matter how great those jeans look if you constantly tugging at the waistband. But when you are comfortable in your outfit, you have that special spark that people can’t seem to put their finger on.

Invest in long term pieces

tips to make cheap clothes look luxurious and all things to avoid

A picture online can hide a lot of sins when it comes to clothing. The best way to get around this is to physically go to the stores to be able to touch, feel and try on the clothes that you want before you commit to buying them.

  • Make sure to check the pattern at the stitching. Don’t buy the items if the print is broken, the manufacturer clearly wanted to save on fabric. Such clothes will look cheap. Look to see if the pattern assembles will at the stitching.
  • Look carefully at the lining when buying clothes because on quality items, It is invisible, doesn’t show from under the clothes and neatly done.
  • Quality of a clothes is often given away by its accessories, and open zippers in cheap dress are just such indicator. If the zipper is visible, the color of all its parts should be similar to the fabric, Otherwise the zipper should be covered or invisible.
  • Never buy clothes to keep up with the trends. Trends come and go and the clothes you’ve filled your wardrobe with, will quickly become useless.
  • Quality over quantity! Fewer quality pieces over lots of cheap clothes. In all honesty, I’d prefer 3-4 quality clothes to complete wardrobe of crappy outfits. Never buy too many clothes at once. As a standard rule of thumb, 80% of your wardrobe should be basics and 20% should be trendy pieces. The whole point is you’re on a budget right?
  • Just because clothes are cheap, it doesn’t mean that have to look cheap, so do some browsing until you find the good pieces.
  • When you’re looking for investment pieces, make sure they’re tailored, versatile and classic enough that they won’t go out of style any time soon and of course they should make you feel amazing
avoid this fashion mistake to look expensive

Only wear pieces in like new condition

simple ways to make cheap clothes look expensive

If you see a stain or mark and you can’t get it out yourself then immediately take it to a dry cleaner to see what they can do. If nothing can be done, donate it or make them your night dress (of course, if it is comfortable enough). If you see a loose thread or button just deal with it.

Accessorize it well

ways to make your outfit look expensive

Do justice to your clothes, complement it with a pricey looking neckpiece or well structured bag to enhance your entire look. Pull your hair back to show off cute earrings or invest in a statement bag, that will stay with you season after season. A little of jewelry cries out ‘rich’, but too many of it cries out ‘poseur’. If you can’t afford the real thing, keep it classic. Fake pearls are difficult to identify making them an excellent way to save a little if you can’t afford a real diamond necklace.

Take grooming into consideration

styling tips which can help you to look luxurious without being heavy on your pockets

You can have the best wardrobe in the world, but if you don’t have confidence it doesn’t matter. Grooming yourself is equally important to create a style statement.

  • Bathing regularly helps you to communicate that you’re well taken care of your looks.
  • Peeled nail paint or dull face can take down your entire look in just seconds, no matter how chic garments you wear. You don’t have to rush to salon daily a simple and neat look works great.
  • Cut your hair every 2-3 weeks at least. Get good quality hair cuts from a barber you trust.
  • Showing too much skin usually doesn’t look classy. Ask yourself, Would you wear this in front of your mother in law? If its a question, then you probably need a layering piece. If you’re clueless about how to properly layer your clothes during winter? and how to stay warm while still looking great? then click here.
  • One of the best way to look classy and luxurious is to dress according to the event.
  • When you have a good pair of the right size seamless underwear, and a solid bra, clothes will just fall differently on you and will definitely elevate your look. So wear the right size underwear.
  • Build your own personal style. Remember, everyone can buy a piece of fashion, but not everyone will wear it the same style isn’t about the clothes, it’s about how the person wears the clothes.
  • If you want to look rich, you just need to pay attention to your own style and start with the above tips. once you master those looks, you can slowly start to expand your own style.

So, what do you think?

Which of these tips are you going to try first? or what tricks are you already using to make your cheap clothes look expensive? comment us. If you follow the following tips, the different looks you wear will look expensive even if they are not.

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